Looking for High-Quality Affordable Web Conferencing Software?

Welcome to MeetCheap where web conferencing starts from a low, low $49.97 per year… that’s just 13c a day… unbelievable!!! Part of the GVO network, MeetCheap video conferencing has been around from the beginning of the online video streaming and, over the years, have ironed out all of the glitches and added new innovative features.

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Look at all these amazing features:

  • Audio/Video Controllers: Disable or enable web cam or microphone.
  • Talk Now: Click to enable voice to be broadcast to members logged into your conference room.
  • Presentation: Converts and presents your Power Point.
  • Hands-Free: Moderator can click tab to speak hands free.
  • Flags: Moderator can see country flag to member’s location.
  • Mute Current Speaker: Moderator can mute guest speaker.
  • Record: Moderator can record full audio/video of presentation.
  • 1 x 4 Full Duplex: Moderator is able to bring up to 3 other people on video and audio all at the same time, and displayed in the browser window.
  • Chat Box: Text message all guests.
  • 5 Room Package Owners’ Only: Extra rooms displayed in bottom box where you can drag and drop members.
  • Clear Text Chat: Moderator can clear all text chat posted.
  • Browser Side Bars: Expands browser window size.
  • Moderator can issue moderator functions to end-user.
  • Members: Lists all guests present in the room.
  • Settings: Systems settings for conferencing room set up.
  • Multiple Moderators: Create multiple moderators for your live events.
  • Access to Shared Files: Send files to guests in room.
  • Full Duplex: Enables Moderator to go into a private video and audio conversation with an end user.
  • In-Built Video Player: Broadcast video and movies to your end user.
  • White Board: Draw on screen, sites, PowerPoint.
  • Compatibility with All OS: Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems.
  • Complete Vote Module: Take “live” spot polls.
  • Live Show: Live streaming video.
  • Desktop Sharing: Moderator can display desktop to end users.


  • Upgrade to larger rooms with more seating.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Private Labelling: Remove MeetCheap and add your own corporate images and logo.
  • Mobile Version: Join and participate in live broadcasts from your iPhone, android phones and tablets.
  • Stream Live to Facebook and Record It!

Go to: https://videoresponse.meetcheap.com/features.php  and see for yourself why MeetCheap is fast becoming the most popular video conferencing platform for business.


  • 20 Seat Room: Only $1 for first 7-days trial and then only $49.97 per year (normally $119.97)… that’s a 58% discount!
  • 100 Seat Room: Only $1 for first 7-days trial and then only $9.97 per month (normally $39.97)… that’s a 75% discount!
  • 500 Seat Room: Only $1 for first 7-days trial and then only $17.97 per month (normally $99.97)… that’s a 82% discount!

Get your limited time special discount here: https://videoresponse.meetcheap.com/firesale.php

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