If you are in business then you will want to tune into these free seminars, which cover:

• Copywriting Secrets: The science of using powerful words and story to drive people to take action.
• Traffic: How to get more by spending less.
• Outsourcing: How to increase productivity while decreasing costs.
• Building a Sales Funnel that converts!
• Why looking at your business holistically can lead to far more success.
• The four things that affect conversion the most… in their order of their importance.
• Email marketing: How to test so you always get the highest conversions possible.

Copywriting Secrets: The science of using powerful words and story to drive people to take action.
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When it comes to hard-hitting copy that coverts, and marketing knowledge that you can take to the bank, one name stands tall above them all… Sir Gary Halbert, the Prince of Print.

Those who knew him hung on his every word. Widely considered the greatest copywriter to ever live, Gary Halbert knew how to make money with a sales message.

He made himself and his client’s fortunes many times over.

One piece of copy that he wrote is the quite possibly the most mailed sales letter in history.

The company that one letter built was called Halberts Inc. and was eventually sold for close to $90,000,000.00 (90 million dollars) back in the 1990s. You can just imagine the money this one little letter generated over decades of successful mailings.

His successes over the years are too many to even count. It seemed everything he touched turned to gold. He knew more about how to make money through direct marketing than probably anyone in history.

With the all-star line-up that has come together for this it could very well be one of the biggest product releases the IM community has seen in years.

Most courses like this give you one or, if you are lucky, two hours of pre-recorded, canned content a week for price points that are much higher.

Halbertology gives you hours of LIVE webinars, chats, and recorded audio/video content, including a rarely-seen marketing and copy course by the great Gary Halbert himself, every week…

Each week you will receive the cash-generating information that the top marketing and copy experts are using right now to make millions in their own businesses every day.
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