How to Write An Article Review

Anyone who owns, runs or maintains an online business website or blog needs regular updated content in the form of an article review or to inform, advise or entertain their visitors, and everyone who has a website or blog knows this. Even people who do not have websites or blogs but are frequent Internet users are aware of it. And that is because articles and reviews satisfy peoples’ thirst for information and knowledge.


But good well-written review articles can also provide many other benefits for the website owner. One major benefit is that well written articles with good content and targeted keywords tends to rank higher in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But only if the chosen content, keywords and keyword phrases are pertinent.


Also if your content is interesting and engages the reader, it is more likely to be linked to from another website or blog. This produces “link juice”, which will in turn help with your search engine ranking, particularly if that link comes from a high authority website like a government or educational website.


Additionally when visitors to your website or blog like the article review, they will usually tell their friends, family and associates about it and recommend your website to them.

This in turn, provides an increased volume of website visitors, which can equate into a larger proportion of sales through a natural process of trust.


So now that we have established that articles are crucial to a website or blog survival, it still leaves with the challenge of how to write an article review because lets face it, most people don’t like writing articles.


Committing plagiarism by copying other article reviews from the Internet and pasting them into your site or blog is frowned upon and could easily get you into trouble, your site de-ranked or even banned by the search engines for duplicate content, or in the worst case scenario; a law suit.


If you are just starting off in your small business venture, you probably do not have the necessary resources to use a pool of local article writers but here are some other alternatives.


Free Article Sources:

The first place to look at for free articles is the public domain where the copyright has expired. Public domain articles are freely accessible for public use. You can do whatever you want with it, place it on your website, blog or newsletter and even name yourself as the author if you wish. But bear in mind to only choose articles that are relevant to your site and don’t forget how to add keywords to your article review.


The downside to this method is that many of your rivals will have access to the exact same articles, which runs us into the duplication issue again. The best way around this is to invest in some affordable article rewriting software to spin the article. Be sure to get a quality article rewriting software package or else it will spit out garbage, read poorly, not make sense, and once again, get you penalised by the search engines.


Another way how to write an article review is to allow other website and blog owners to submit their article reviews to your website but make sure they post relevant content. The drawback to this method would be that most these articles will have resource boxes with links back to their own websites and draw your visitors away to there sites. Plus if your website or blog has a higher ranking, it may also drain away some of your “linking juice”.


Ultimately though, you want to go for unique articles and there are many freelance writers who charge only minimal fees (particularly in the Philippines) for good quality original article reviews with all the keywords and phrases people search for.


A final option and one many top marketers use is high quality article creation software that not only researches topics, through thousands of online documents, in practically any niche but also gives you the control over what eventually goes into the article you are composing. With this powerful tool you can create totally original unique articles in a matter of minutes.


We personally use both the article creation software , to research and create the article and then, take that original article and place it through the article rewriting software to create multiple completely different and unique articles for posting into different websites, blogs, article directories and even into other peoples’ blogs. So now the question should not be how to write an article review but with what tool?









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