Targeted sales lead generation is the lifeblood of any online business. But what are “targeted leads”, and how do we generate them? Targeted sales leads are visitors directed to your website through specific keywords and phrases.

There are many different techniques used for sales lead generation and we are going to look four of the main ones.

  1. Search engine optimize web pages for high search engine ranking.
  2. Utilizing paid advertising sites like Google Adwords and Facebook.
  3. Posting on free advertising sites like blogs, forums and article directories.
  4. Using sales lead generation software to drive targeted visitors to your website virtually on auto-pilot.

Search Engine Optimize Your Web Pages

The first step high search engine ranking is finding the right keywords and phrases to target for your particular niche market. Unfortunately, most of the main keywords people are trying to target are very competitive, which means unless you have a very large advertising budget, are virtually impossible to search engine rank for.

However, there are many less competitive keyword phrases, sometimes known as long-tail keywords, which can still drive a flood of targeted visitor to your website. The problem is, finding these high-traffic, low-competition keywords can be a time-consuming exercise.

Fortunately, some forward thinking individuals have designed specialized software to uncover these “gem” keyword phrases in practically ever type of niche. One we have found and tested as being very effective even let you take it for a free trial run. Find out more here: Market Analysis Keyword Research

Paid Advertising Mediums

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: If it is set up correctly this can easily produce a great deal of excellent high quality targeted business sales leads but you will need to be clear about how much you might be prepared to invest to create each lead and, what type of visitors you want to attract (It’s no good trying to sell ice to Eskimos).

The important thing here is to get educated on how pay-per-click works best because if you don’t, it could possibly cost you a great deal of cash. You’ll want to find targeted keywords and phrases with substantial searches along with low competition, write some compelling advertising copy, and perform some split testing by incorporating different advertisements. Together with a little bit of fine-tuning, you are going to eventually develop the best combination which works. Some of the more popular paid advertising sites include Yahoo, Google Adwords, Facebook and even eBay.

Purchasing Lead Lists: We do not usually suggest purchasing home based business leads if you don’t personally know who will be providing them, exactly where as well as precisely how the actual prospects were generated, and exactly how “fresh” they really are. A number of these leads listings have more than likely already been sold numerous times over and the people on them have either, already decided on a program to sign up for or, have already been inundated with offers to the degree that they are no longer interested in any offers and will more than likely treat your email as spam.

Free Advertising Mediums

This can be accomplished by signing up to banner exchanges and joining free lead generation programs.

One particular free of charge sales lead generation system we recommend is a viral sales lead generator. No I don’t mean it’s infected, it is merely computer terminology pertaining to having the capability to propagate like one. This one is quite nifty because it also incorporates affiliate link cloaking as well, which means you hide your affiliate hyperlinks and then when people click on your cloaked hyperlink, you generate add credits. Check it out here: Free Sales Lead Generator

Free Advertising Networks: Another way would be to publish your advertisement on to free advertising networks (just do a Google search for free advertising networks and pick the leading ones). One we use and have had success with is US Free Ads particularly if you select the featured ad option (not free but very cheap).

Articles Directories: These are typically online sites such as ezinearticles where you can post helpful information on pretty much any subject matter and produce good quality, highly targeted sales leads.

But remember, article web sites are not places to blatantly promote your online business opportunity and be mindful regarding duplicate content material. The majority of sites will also not permit any kind of hyperlinks for your personal Internet sites, blogs or affiliate offers other than in the resource box. Whenever writing articles remember to use your keywords and phrases and also to keep your subject material fresh, unique and intriguing.

Social Network Sites: Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are other good places to generate top quality sales leads. Having said that, keep in mind the majority of people visit these websites in order to interact socially and will not appreciate been spammed with business offers on a regular basis.

The true secret here is to create a relationship with individuals first by allowing them to get to know, like and trust you before presenting them to your work from home idea. Create a online video introducing yourself and your hobbies and interests.

This doesn’t have to be an expert produced video clip because people are interested in you not how professional your online video appears to be. You don’t have to have all the bells and whistles… just be yourself. Eventually, after developing a relationship with individuals in your friends list, you’ll be able to inform them of what you are doing outlining how you can assist other individuals to acquire what they desire too.

Join Related Blog and Forum Groups: Just Google your keyword topic and when the results load just click on the “more” button at the top of the page and select blogs. Get involved by answering queries and crafting related blog posts. Once more it is about staying interesting and building working relationships with people not trying to flog off your product or income opportunity. When individuals get to know, like, and believe in you, they will be more likely to listen to your ideas.

Sales Lead Generation Software

So now that we have established that one of the biggest factors that will determine whether you’ll be successful online or not is the number of “targeted visitors” that make it to your web pages. So what if you could automatically increase targeted web visitors every day to your blogs and websites and, do it virtually on autopilot? And what if you could do that using RSS feeds syndication?

You see very few online marketers use RSS as well as they could. We have been using a very powerful sales lead generation software, which quickly and automatically generates powerful back links that build high search engine ranking, which in turn, helps to rapidly build targeted visitors to your websites and blogs.

There are two versions of this software and it will work in any niche. There is a” WordPress” blog version, which starts to generate targeted sales leads with every blog post and, and a” standalone” version for static websites which works for you every time you upload a new or revised web page. Read more about it here: Sales Lead Generation Software.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to generate sales leads and drive targeted leads to your website but if you search engine optimize your web pages and apply a few of the suggested sales lead generation techniques, you will be well on your way to high search engine ranking.

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